‘No Go’ picks up from just where the last film (‘Battle of the Bogside’) left off.

On the 14th August 1969 the British Army were deployed onto North of Ireland’s streets for the first time, to relieve an exhausted RUC in the wake of the Battle of the Bogside.As they entered the city the troops were confronted with a ring of barricades surrounding the Bogside area and manned by the rioters, presenting them with an instant dilemma – to attempt to remove the barricades and provoke a confrontation, or to leave the barricades intact and allow the Bogside to remain beyond official law & order?


One response to “NO GO- THE FREE DERRY STORY

  1. G’day. I’m an adult student in South Australia and currently conducting a research project on the IRA. I am neither pro nor anti IRA, just to clarify. My main research is based on whether the IRA has achieved it’s initial aim/goals- however, I need to first understand what those aims/goals were. I apologise for the blant request of information, however, I would like to obtain a first-hand opinion of the matter, rather than taking in what I read on Wikipedia. If you are willing to share any information regarding this, I would absolutely love to hear it, and would appreciate your time.

    I don’t intend any offence to yourself or anyone pro/anti IRA. I’m simply an outsider attempting to understand the thought process of the organisation.
    Thanks, Jen.

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