Barricades and ballot boxes Socialists, the workers, and elections (Dublin meeting)

Speaker:Alejandra Rios a member of PTS (FT-CI)*, a component of the Workers Left Front of Argentina.
Chairperson: Harry Owens, Spanish Civil War Historian.

Part one-

Part two-


In 2013 the front (Frente de Izquierda y de los Trabajadores or FIT) won a substantial election victory in Argentina.They won over a million votes and gained three national MPs, six provincial MP and two provincial senators, alongside various local councillors.In Salta Province the Partido Obrero element of the front stood and had elected a provincial senator and four provincial deputies. They are now the largest party in Salta city and join the existing 2 provincial MPs, 1 in Córdoba province and 1 Neuquén province, who were elected.They successfully united three different Trotskyite organisations in an electoral front.


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