An Phoblacht No.1-14 Irish Revolutionary Forces, now completed with the inclusion of issues No.13 and 14.

An Phoblacht from Irish Revolutionary Forces 1965-67 (Cork) the series of 14 now completed with the  inclusion of issues No.13 and 14.


Many thanks to Jim Lane for donating two more issues of An Phoblacht an important document, from the Irish Revolutionary Forces, to . It is also important to note how useful An Phoblacht is in tracing from a critical perspective, changing attitudes within Republicanism and Sinn Féin and the IRA during the late 1960s. That it was positioned critically in relation to Sinn Féin and the IRA is of particular importance offering a distinctively different view into the changes in those organisations.

To download please click here:

An Phoblacht No.1 Sept. 1965

An Phoblacht No.2 Nov. 1965

An Phoblacht No.3 Jan. 1966

An Phoblacht No.4 Mar. 1966

An Phoblacht No.5 May. 1966

An Phoblacht No.6 Jul. 1966

An Phoblacht No.7 Sept.1966

n Phoblacht No.8 Nov-Dec. 1966

An Phoblacht No.9 Jan. 1967

Phoblacht No.10 Mar-Apr. 1967

An Phoblacht No.11 May-June, 1967

An Phoblacht No.12 Aug. 1967

An Phoblacht No.13 Oct. 1967

An Phoblacht No.14 Dec. 1967


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