First anniversary of Seamus O’Riain (Ryan) 1937- 2014.

 The first anniversary of Seamus O’Riain (Ryan) a former Saor Eire activist and a comrade of Frank Keane. O’Riain  died in London on the 4th July after a long illness.

R.I.P Seamus O'Riain one year today.

O’Riain’s funeral took place on July 23, 2014 in Mount Jerome cemetery, Dublin, with family and friends including Frank Keane and Liam Sutcliffe escorted  the coffin, led to the graveside by a lone piper, playing a lament. He was laid to rest in a  quiet corner of the cemetery where Saor Eire activists Liam Walsh and Máirín Keegan are  also buried.


Seamus was born in September 1937 in Dublin and as a teenager joined the Republican Movement. In 1956, like others of his generation, he emigration to London to find  employment. He later became an accomplished photographer, creating hundreds of remarkable images which are a vital history of the Irish  left-wing in Britian.

He later became involved  with the Trotskyist, Irish Workers Group (IWG),  along with his friends Liam Daltun, Frank Keane and Gerry Lawless. Around  this time his photographs were featured  frequently  in the IWG monthly magazine, the Irish Militant.

In the late 1960s he forged links with Saor Éire,  a militant Marxist group which was set up in the 1960s by members of the IRA and the Irish political left.

Seamus was arrested in 1967 at Northchurch Road, Dalston, London and the charge against him that he had a stating pistol, eight rounds of blank 6mm. Ammunition, twenty four rifles, two Bren machine guns, four Bren machine guns barrels and a case containing  twelve magazines and six rifle slings. Found guilty he was to spend  three years in British prisons.

Newspaper report on the  1967 arrest in London of Seamus Ryan in London.

IMG (3)


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