Red Mole publish interview with Saor Eire (Action Group) 15th January 1971.

Red Mole the publication of  the International Marxist Group IMG published an exclusive interview with Saor Eire on 15, January 1971. Marxist Peter Graham who was assassinated on October 25, 1971 arranged the interview by Bob Purdie (1940-2014) with two Saor Eire members in Highgate, London. It was published, with a false cover story that it took place in Dublin.

Link to Red Mole interview with Saor Eire 1971 (Red Mole’s Saor Eire (Action Group) interview -volume-2-no-1 (1) )

saor eire



Thank’s to Red Mole for publishing this copy with the Saor Eire interview. Link to Red Mole blog here -/


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