WHO WAS THE INFORMANT? By Rayner O’Connor Lysaght.


By Rayner O’Connor Lysaght, 15th November 2015.

Gerry Lawless

Gerry Lawless

I think it worthwhile to answer a point in Daltun’s Phillippic  v. Lawless.

In his additional material on the history of the original Irish Workers Group, Liam Daltun made a number of accusations against his opponent, Gery Lawless. As these are being republished, this writer thinks that clarity requires that he tells what he knows about the one charge with which he was involved, albeit late in the day.

After the split when Daltun, Matgamna et al. left the I.W.G., this writer became its General Secretary, in effect captain of a sinking ship, mainly because he was one of two comrades left in Dublin. One of the immediate matters with which he had to deal was the question of whether Cde.Lawless had informed on one of his comrades in the group’s predecessor, the Irish Communist Group, as asserted by Liam Daltun in his newly republished comments on the I.W.G.history. Cde.Lawless did not object to the insistence that a Committee of the Left be established to investigate the claim.

Accordingly, the writer asked his former comrades for substantive evidence that might back the charge. The reply was twofold; from one it was ‘In a faction fight, you throw everything at your opponent, including the kitchen sink’; from another, it was ‘Lawless is morally capable of informing.’ The writer decided that these were not really grounds for an indictment and let the matter drop. He continues to think he was correct, but another may accuse him of bourgeois legalism.

For his own part, and from his own observation of the Irish political diaspora in London, he suspects that that milieu was as leaky as a sieve and that it would not have taken a George Smiley to identify the comrade who had to make his hasty departure without relying on any snout. That is his opinion and he hopes it is final.

Link here –Additional Material for Lawless’ History of the Irish Workers’ Group (1968) By Liam Daltun. to https://irishrepublicanmarxisthistoryproject.wordpress.com/2015/02/15/additional-material-for-lawless-history-of-the-irish-workers-group-1968/


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