International Marxist Group hold memorial meeting for Peter Graham-November,1971.

 Red Mole report from November, 1971 on a memorial meeting by the International Marxist Group for Peter Graham. Who was assassinated in a flat in the Stephen’s Green area of Dublin on 25, October 1971 at the age of twenty-six. Graham was the representative of the Fourth International in Ireland.   

Three hundred militants attended a memorial meeting organised by the International Marxist Group (British Section Fourth International) on Friday 12th November, 1971, to pay tribute to their comrade  Peter Graham, who was assassinated in Dublin several weeks ago.The chairman, Gerry Lawless, announced that the meeting was held not to weep, but to organised and that was the general tenor of the meeting. Bob Purdie spoke on behalf of the IMG, Frank (Butch) Roche and Rayner Lysaght on behalf of the Irish section of the Fourth International. Both of them stressed that Peter’s death had only made them more determined to carry out his work until final victory had been achieved. Comrade Roche added; “his assassins will be brought to task. We will avenge Peter. Of that we are sure”.

Tarig Ali spoke on behalf of the International Executive Committee of the Fourth International and said that Graham was only the latest in a long line of Trotskyist marytrs; that what was important was the political ideas Peter fought for and these must be constantly stressed.  MP Bernadette Devlin, who had agreed to speak at the meeting and had confirmed arrangements only the day before failed to turn up. No reason was given and no question asked. The meeting raised £230 for the comrades of the Fourth International in Ireland. A Peter Graham Memorial Fund was set up at 182 Pentonville Road, London.

funeral Peter Graham 1971

Peter Graham’s funeral 30th October, 1971, Tarig Ali in the photograph.

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