Cork Republican Publicity Bureau statement in defense of Brendan O’Neill, Jim Lane and Charlie Ronayne.


A copy of a statement issued in 1959 by the Cork Republican Publicity Bureau, that was circulated among republicans in defense of Brendan O’Neill, Jim Lane and Charlie Ronayne. After the United Irishman published a statement in March, 1959 that O’Neill, Lane and Ronayne of Cork City were not members of any branch of the Republican Movement. Why should any movement state that three named people were not members of any branch of its movement? they weren’t in the public eye and hadn’t committed some outrage. For the record, O’Neill  and Lane had officially resigned from the Irish Republican Army in Oct, 1958, at the home of Jim O’Regan, the brigade adjutant. More information on this story click Miscellaneous notes on Republicanism and Socialism in Cork City, 1954-69.


1959 Statement issued by Cork Republican Publicity Bureau

United Irishman 1959

                                                                                                                    United Irishman 1959


12 responses to “Cork Republican Publicity Bureau statement in defense of Brendan O’Neill, Jim Lane and Charlie Ronayne.

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  2. Jim Lane can never claim the moral high ground. In a schoolboy spite spate, he deliberately and maliciously wrote ( the late) Eamon Corcoran out of Cork Republican history, albeit Eamon having played a focal and longstanding role. Eamon was a great friend of the late Jim ( Pip) O’ Regan, who Lane relied upon in the above statement. I knew Pip well ( a man of the utmost integrity and great intelligence) until he passed away when I was in my teens. Pip was a man who suffered greatly for his principles and beliefs ( unlike certain armchair generals). He fought against Franco in Spain ( leadiing to his family being ostracised by the Catholic Church) and he spent significant time in Dartmoor, arising out of his Republican beliefs.

    Feel free to contact me, Jim Lane if you have the courage to face and address the truth of this situation, and if you wish to at least attempt to convince that you are not just interested in grandstanding and self aggrandisement.

    Lisa Roche (

    • Lisa Roche:I haven’t a clue what you are alluding to with regard to Eamonn Corcoran. It is nigh on 60 years since we had any dealings together. Be expletive, tell me more. As for Jim O’Regan, I could not agree more, a great person and life long friend of mine. Jim Lane.

  3. You’re not taking a chance on emailing me then, Jim? Can’t handle facing the truth? As you’re well aware, Eamon was involved in much activity with the late Kevin Neville and others. You wrote him out of the history ( maliciously and childishly ) owing to a dispute you had with him decades ago. If you had a shred of decency, now that you are in your late 70s you woud show a smidgen of maturity and see that the history is amended to reflect a true version of events.

    Be expletive?? No, I’ve no intention of engaging in profanity…

    I repeat, email me, demonstrate some integrity and sort this longstanding issue out.

    Lisa Roche

    • Lisa Roche : I have no intention of emailing you. I don’t believe I have, ever met you and consequently, I don’t know what you are about.I do not discuss matters on the e-mail or phone, on such matters which you seem to be only willing to hint about in your notes. Why, if all you suggest I done to Eamonn Corcoroan was that I –“Deliberately and maliciously wrote, the late, Eamonn Corcoran out of Cork Republican history”, why can you not explain that more in your correspondence. In fact, on the rare occasion, Eamonn and I passed one another by, be it on the street or rail carriage, why did he not raise the matter with me, whatever it was ? No point, taunting me with grandstanding / self-aggrandisment / courage/ or schoolboy spite, it doesn’t move me.I await your response on this forum please. Jim Lane (Cork)

    • Lisa Roche: You opened the conversation on this Forum by saying, I deliberately and maliciously wrote Eamon Corcoran out of Cork Republican history. I have since come to the conclusion, that you must be referring to a document which I wrote in August 2005, titled, ” Miscellaneous Notes on Republicanism and Socialism in Cork City,1954-69″. If so, I would remind you that this document referred to both the IRA and Sinn Fein mainly. If Eamon’s omission is what upset you, that is understandable, as Eamonn was not a member of either organisation. Need I say more ?
      As you took the opportunity of using this Forum to attack me, I believe I should have the right to defend myself here, by you stating what you believe I did wrong or said wrong.
      Readers of this Forum must be wondering what it is all about. You started it on this Forum and I’m sure many would expect you to disclose what I was supposed to have done wrong, on this Forum
      You started it on this Forum,so finish it here. Let there be no passing it on to e-mail private conversations !

  4. Now Jim, I understand that you have often gotten away with engaging in bully boy tactics in the past. However, that won’t be happening on my watch. You do not get to order me about; to tell me what is to happen, where it will happen and by what mode it will happen. I won’t be worrying that you’re sending out the men in their “Healy’s Bridge” coats…

    I’m not remotely “upset”, as you suggest. You, however, seem to be quite overwrought because I am seeking to bring you to task for your wrongdoing. Of course you are worried about “what others on the forum think”; that you’ll perhaps fall off your precarious perch, and that your acolytes may no longer laud you because I am exposing you.

    I made a comment on this forum because I had been wondering what your contact details were, googled your name and saw your snivelling and attention seeking entry about an incident that occurred back in 1959 when you were a mere raw boy of 21, that you are still smarting about.

    You are incorrect, as you well know, in stating that Eamon Corcoran was not a member of the IRA.

    I wanted to duscuss this issue with you privately but, as per my earlier assertion, you seem to be too much of a craven coward to deal with me one on one.

    Lisa Roche

    • Neither will you tell me what to do. You started the conversation on this Forum and finish it there. I do not wish to have, neither yours or my views, in secret. Let the truth win out.
      If that cannot be agreed on, then our conversation is at an end.
      Finally, without question, Eamon Corcoran, was not a member of the IRA in those years, certainly not in advance or during the period of what is known as, “Operation Harvest” 1956- 62.
      If that cannot be agreed on, then our conversation is at an end.
      I remain, Jim Lane, Cork.

  5. Jim Lane

    You do not get to decree retrospectively who was or was not a member of any organisation, proscribed or otherwise.

    Eamon Corcoran was out of the IRA during part of the years you delineate. He was then a member of Saor Ulaidh. As for your suggestion that he was not an IRA member prior to those years, that is incorrect. Eamon was born 12 years before you, so you know naught of which you speak.

    He was, for a fact, involved in IRA activity with the late Kevin Neville and others in the 1960s.

    The fact that you would arrogantly and highhandedly try to place parameters around what can be said by decreeing “if you don’t agree x our conversation is at an end”, speaks volumes about how threatened you are by my challenging you.

    Careful Jim, that pedestal you’ve perched yourself upon is looking pretty precarious right now…

    • Lisa Roche : Eamonn Corcoran did tell me on one occasion, that he was involved with the IRA in the late 1930’s and I accept that he was, but not in times as I have already mentioned. You say he was “involved in IRA activity with the late Kevin Neville and others in the 1960’s”. Kevin Neville was a member of Saor Uladh and only operated for that organisation, not for or with the IRA. That said, Kevin was in my opinion, one of the best !
      Anyway, to cut a long story short, I found your recent comment, ” I won’t be worrying that you’re sending the men in their ” Healy’s Bridge” coats …” despicable and reaching a low in our conversation that
      I find not acceptable. Jim Lane, Irish Socialist Republican. (Cork)

  6. Jim Lane

    You purport to find the “Healy’s Bridge” coats comment despicable?? I have heard such quips made in a facetious manner by a number of Republicans over the years.

    As for your insistence that Eamon Corcoran was not a member of the IRA, his home was still being raided by the Special Branch on occasion until he was about the age that you are now.

    Isn’t it great that Kevin and Pip apparently met with your approval? They must be jigging a merry dance in the netherworld at that!

    You never could hack Eamon Corcoran and Jim Savage though could you, Jim?? A bit too much superior intellect, deep seated principles and staunch integrity there for you to stomach…

    Lisa Roche

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