Bobby Sands, Jimmy Roe and Kevin Carson 8th August, 1976

On 8th August, 1976, flag-bearers Bobby Sands left, Jimmy Roe and Kevin Carson right, at Belfast Sinn Féin, protest from the Busy Bee in Andersonstown to Dunville Park for a public meeting to protest against the withdrawal of political status. It was the first major mobilisation after the ending of Special Category Status the previous March. Sands had been released from Long Kesh in April 1976, just a month after the British government withdrew political status for those arrested after 1st March. Roe was a member of the 1st battalion of PIRA and the Belfast brigade quartermaster. (click on image to enlarge)

Photograph discovered in the archive of French photographer Gérard Harlay in 2019 thanks to

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