Saor Éire: The Unfinished Revolution – The Struggle for a Socialist Republic-1967-73

The magazine is available to purchase from Connolly Books, 43, East Essex Street, Dublin. 

To order online contact

Check out a sample of the magazine here 

Very little research was done to evaluate the importance of this group. This magazine has included new material contributed by former members from interviews conducted in 2019.

Saor Éire was established in the late 1960s by former members of the Republican Movement and newer young Irish political left activists coming together. As an organisation they claimed to have their roots in the tradition of old Fenianism and the left-wing Republicanism that was prominent in the 1930s. But Saor Éire’s founding was also influenced by the IRA’s lack of military activity and political direction, following the cessation of Operation Harvest (the IRA border campaign of 1956-62).

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